ceruleansparks's Journal

Rachel Blackman
Rachel is a redheaded developer girl who works at Cerulean Studios on the 'Trillian' instant messaging client. This is not her personal blog, but rather her development blog; little bits of information about what's going on with Trillian development will be placed here for interested Trillianites to follow.

For those who wonder, my userpic is of Freda, a character from Ban the Basics, a wonderful web-comic by Tariq De Vore which is one of my favorites to follow. Several friends have commented that Freda not only looks very much like me, but reminds them of me (I plead that the disassembled robots in my parents' basement left from jr. high and high school are purely coincidental). She seemed a suitable userpic, at any rate; normally I use a self-drawn cartoon for my avatar, as I do on the Trillian forums, but I thought just this once I'd use Freda. :)