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Architecture and rearchitecture...!

Ah, one of the best parts of writing a medium for the first time is when you realize you didn't consider one little tiny detail in your architecture, where the code works fine under a single connection but becomes less than usable with multiple connections on the same medium. Needless to say, this comment is prompted by precisely this realization; I made one reasonable assumption about some data in the Jabber roster involving subscriptions...and now, as I begin testing multiple connections to Jabber servers, I discover precisely how my assumption was flawed.

Le sigh.

Luckily, it's something with a fairly obvious change to make. It just means pulling a change through all my Jabber roster management and buddylist interaction code; not difficult, but rather time-consuming. Obviously, this is where my morning has gone; luckily, I've now finished that change, and I need to begin working on a few bits of support code for multiple connections (the Jabber equivalent of the 'Select which connection to send as').

When /that/ is done, I'm going to take a break from contact stuff long enough to play with doing typing indicators (which should really only take about half an hour, most of it adding some stuff into my UI handler) and then I can begin to tackle the last Big Feature I think it needs immediately, which is groupchat. I'm going to implement groupchat-1.0 and then expand up to adding MUC stuff, because I do think the Trillian groupchat implementation should use the MUC JEP.

Unfortunately, I'm in a bit of a frustrating quandry on file transfer; there's an existing file transfer specification, but it's considered pretty well defunct by the JSF...but the new file transfer specification is not completed. Thus, the question becomes, do I add to the problem by adding the old file transfer specification (and supporting file transfer with existing clients, and making users happier) or do the responsible-developer thing and wait, not propagating a defunct specification and adding support for the new file transfer specification when it's more finalized? Decisions, decisions...! What I may do is see if I can come up with a good set of code to support BOTH file transfer specifications, attempting first the good one and then falling back to the older one...

At any rate, saving off an image of my code and heading out to lunch with my roommate. Mm. Food makes the mind clear, and I'm looking forward to getting groupchat in over the next few days. Besides, it's been too long since I had to pester Kevin about UI details; yesterday afternoon, I got so into the backend of my code and away from UI that Kevin had to ask if I was alright...the lack of UI questions and internal API questions had actually worried him!
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